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It can happen to play keyboards, synthesizers, organs, clavichords,
ironing boards, intercoms, umbrellas, heaters, boy girl animal…
I generally prefer to play Music.

“what matters is the intention!”

Può capitare di suonare tastiere, sintetizzatori, organi, clavicordi,
assi da stiro, citofoni, ombrelli, scaldabagno, nomi cose città…
Preferisco in genere suonare la Musica.

“l’importante è l’intenzione!”

“Una Diabolica Faccenda” – “A Diabolical Business”
Written and directed by Edoardo Mozzanega
Assistant director and film editor_Laura Bianco
Soundtrack by Stefano Ivan Scarascia, with the collaboration of Tommaso Fiorini


malune d’acqua” is an icon, a trademark, a whole way of life.
malune d’acqua” is simply the direct translation of “watermelon” in Salento’s dialect.
The italian translation is instead “anguria”. “Malune” sounds better.

THE SONG_recorded in 2008, is a funny tribute to the great Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man.

THE VIDEO_a ball with the appearance of watermelon is then the crazy star of the video, roughly shot in Salento in August 2010, with the amazing contribute of family, friends and some strangers.


Woody Gipsy Band broadcasted on Rai2 TV, 02/01/2013
Tommaso Fiorini_bass
Jacopo Milesi_guitar
Michele Ionis Rusconi_guitar
Stefano Ivan Scarascia_melodica
Andrea Spampinato_cajon


Woody Gipsy Band Live in London @ Le QuecumBar, 27/09/2013
Tommaso Fiorini_bass
Jacopo Milesi_guitar
Michele Ionis Rusconi_guitar
Stefano Ivan Scarascia_melodica
Andrea Spampinato_cajon


Iris Monè_vocals
Mauro Forester_drums
Enea ilConte Bardi_bass
Fabrizio Fab Friggione_guitars
Stefano Ivan Scarascia_hammond organ


Filomena d’Oriano_vocals
Luciano Cotti_drums
Sergio Serbo Diana_bass
Andrea Crovetto_guitar
Stefano Ivan Scarascia_keys


Isabella Casucci_vocals
Sergio Ratti_drums
Enea ilConte Bardi_bass
Fabrizio Fab Friggione_guitar
Stefano Ivan Scarascia_hammond organ


Max Elli_guitars
Gary Wallis_drums
Niccolò Alario_viola
Enea ilConte Bardi_bass
Stefano Ivan Scarascia_wurlitzer piano


Andrea Rock_vocals
Max Elli_guitars
Gary Wallis_drums
Enea ilConte Bardi_bass
Stefano Ivan Scarascia_wurlitzer piano



_new arrangement and remix for the great Marvin’s voice

_a lounge funk tune for elevators and happyhours

_music and lyrics by Stefano Ivan Scarascia
_also playing melodica with WoodyGipsyBand

_here playing melodica with WoodyGipsyBand



Woody Gipsy Band

“Live In London” – 2013
_melodica, songwriting, vocals

Psychic Twins

“Crossings” – 2012
_hammond organ, piano, keys

Woody Gipsy Band

“Wood Evening” – 2012
_melodica, production, songwriting, cover design, megaphone..


20th Century Fox – AA.VV. Paola&Chiara, L’aurea, FInley..

“Rio – il Cd” – 2011
_wurlitzer piano, hammond organ, keys


The Old Toys

“Hearts & Thoughts – EP” – 2011
_hammond organ, keys


Tom Gallizia

“Puzzo di Benzina” – 2011
_rhodes piano, hammond organ


Herbadelici 100% FunkyGroove

“Milano non piange” – 2010
_hammond organ, clavinet


Jack Jaselli & the Great Vibes Foundation

“It’s gonna be rude, funky, hard” – 2009
_hammond organ, rhodes piano, additional keys



“Multiplo” – 2009


Mudokon Refillers

“Mudokon 4 Example” – 2008
_hammond organ, piano, keys, production, songwriting, cover design


Gianna Nannini

“Perle” – 2004
_chorus (with Coro Città di Milano)



Hammond XK1 + Leslie 310

__electric organ

Fender Rhodes Mark II

__73 keys electric piano

Viscount M500 1973

__two manual combo electric organ

Roland Rs-5

__versatile synthesizer

Roland A-33 PC -50

__master keyboard

ElectroHarmonix VoiceBox


MacBook Pro + M-Audio FastTrack Ultra

__digital analog digital analog digital analog


__clavietta? diamonica? zia monica?



Michele Franzini

__Jazz piano teacher


__Jazz, Manouche & a lot of mess everywhere



Basso Falso

__Groovy hammond quartet

Mudokon Refillers





__PowerBlues hammond trio


__Beatles in the GGStudio view


__young FunkJam


__deejays synthesizers vocoders cafonaggine di qualità


__live lounge funky rare groove improvisation

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