hi everyone! Good to see you in my personal design+music portfolio!

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  • 028_960_uplightbass_siscarascia
    UpLight Bass

    2017//AGE28 The first elastomeric ukulele bass that really miniaturizes the traditional upright bass in…

  • 025_960_EbonyAndIvory_siscarascia
    Ebony & Ivory – MA thesis

    2014//AGE25 Analysis of the musical keyboard as a prime example of user interface design,…

  • 024_960_YAMAHA_GakkiNoTane_siscarascia
    YAMAHA – ガッキノタネ

    2013//AGE25 Winner concept of the YAMAHA “Summer Design Camp” contest on the theme of…

  • 023_960_YAMAHA_DesignStudioLondon_siscarascia
    YAMAHA – the internship

    2013//AGE25 Concepts, drawings, prototypes and more from the stage in the YAMAHA Design Studio…

  • 022_960_Sestetto_siscarascia

    2013//AGE24 Self-made multichannel audio system to play different instrument tracks in separate speakers of…

  • 021_960_Frantonio_siscarascia

    2011//AGE23 Concept generation and early product development of a domestic olive oil press. It’s…

  • 019_960_WBG&Logos_siscarascia
    WGB Logo & Graphics

    2008-12//AGE20-24 Logos, graphics and layouts for album covers, flyers, stickers, events and musical groups,…

  • 020b_960_AutomotriceFSE_prototyping_siscarascia
    FSE Ad68 (prototype)

    2011//AGE23 “H0″ scale (1:87) prototype of a train model, running and lighting! It finely…

  • 020_960_AutomotriceFSE_siscarascia
    FSE Ad68 reverse modeling

    2011//AGE23 3D photogrammetric reverse modeling and rendering, taking as reference just photos! It captures…

  • 017_960_LegoScale_siscarascia
    Lego Scale Kit

    2011//AGE23 Design proposal of a Lego kit to build a kitchen domestic scale. With…

  • 016_960_FaroLamp_siscarascia
    Faro Abat-jour

    2011//AGE23 Design and prototyping of a table lamp obtained laser-cutting from a single PMMA…

  • 014_960_Jumbo4900_siscarascia
    ATM JumboTram revamp

    2011//AGE23 Design collaboration in the restyling proposal of Jumbo Tram 4900 Series ATM Milano…

  • 013_960_MM2metro_siscarascia
    ATM MM2 metro new livery

    2010//AGE22 New external graphic color scheme for MM2 green line underground trains ATM Milano….

  • 012b_960_Menestrello_prototype_siscarascia
    Menestrello (prototype)

    2010//AGE22 Make-up and 1:1 scale maquette prototyping of the Menestrello (thesis), kit to support…

  • 012_960_Menestrello_siscarascia
    Menestrello – BA thesis

    2010//AGE22 Kit to support and stage street performative and musical mini-events. The brief of…

  • 011_960_Sawtooth_siscarascia
    Sawtooth – BOMBARDIER

    2009-10//AGE22 Actually awarded by Bombardier Transportation, this interior concept for metro cars allows to…

  • 010_960_Train_siscarascia

    2010//AGE22 Hand drawn train render and free sketches. Realized matching different painting techniques and…

  • 008_960_Cadillac_siscarascia
    Cadillac Eldorado

    2009//AGE21 Hand drawn render of a shining Cadillac Eldorado from 1959. Realized merging different…

  • 007_960_Quindici_siscarascia

    2009//AGE21 Concept and product development of a versatile office metal desk. Its way of…

  • 006_960_MetallicShelf&drawings_siscarascia
    Handmade Tech Drawings

    2004-07//AGE16-19 Handmade tech drawings from the artistic high school time. Architecture and furniture, line…

  • 005_960_NyugatiStation_siscarascia
    Eiffel’s Nyugati Station

    2006//AGE18 Handmade drawing of the Eiffel’s Budapest Nyugati railway station. Mainly china-ink and markers…

  • 004_960_Castelvecchio_siscarascia
    Castelvecchio Garden

    2004//AGE16 Garden proposal for Castelvecchio in Verona. As well as the Eisenman’s installation, it’s…

  • 003_960_ArciCarrubaBass_siscarascia
    ArciCarruba Bass

    2003//AGE15 Design and prototype of an electric bass. Its shape combines ergonomics factors with…

  • 001_960_CarrubaRistuonante_siscarascia
    Carruba Ristuonante

    2000//AGE12 Design and prototype of an hollowbody semi-acoustic instrument. The name comes from the…

  • 000_960_StazioneCentrale_siscarascia
    Childhood doodles!

    1993-2000//AGE5-12 A rare collection of archaeological finds, from the early scribbles to the plans…