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Stefano Ivan Scarascia


Fullrange Creative Designer >> Industrial-Product | Graphic-Video | Audio-Music | Live-Show
Born in Milan the very first day of spring with proud salento‘s roots.
I so decided that this is enough to allow me to experiment and to flip upright-down in an illogical way a world just as illogical.
As well as with nature, our experience interacts everyday with a wide artificial reality, designed by people like us: it’s enough to know its laws to transform and shape it as one desires, if necessary also by subverting the more invincible dogmas and habits.

The education in Industrial Design (highest honors) and in Product Design for Innovation (highest honors) from the Politecnico di Milano is probably the closest to my transversal desire of…

LATTINA AMERICANA | feat. Christian Meyer

SAMBADANAIO | musical fundraising

Ingorgo Auricolare | Trash minivideo

Mal Que Vada | Carnaval do Rio

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MA Thesis: Ebony & Ivory

Equal rights for black and white notes in the keyboard instrument’s interface design (Italian version). Check out the HD version

SESTETTO in action